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Choosing outdoor floors: tips and solutions.

When we talk about choosing outdoor flooring , a world of products , needs and solutions opens up .

The exterior is often the most mistreated part of the house. Especially in Sicily, with the boom of the cement of the 80s, buildings of important dimensions were built, with well-kept interiors, fine furnishings, but with the external fa├žade left in its raw state .

Even today, it is almost rare to find exteriors as well cared for as interiors.

And yet, the verandas , the gardens , the balconies , the arcades, are the visiting card of our home and allow extraordinary livability in summer, but not only.

We enter the heart of our study. For exteriors, we mean the floor coverings of terraces, gardens, swimming pool edges, paths, porches and so on.

It is true that in the construction or renovation of outdoor spaces there is often important (but not always!) Expenses, wear times , atmospheric agents , versatility of use of the affected area, car transit , to be taken into account. etc.

All these elements make the choice particularly difficult.


The range of materials to be selected is quite wide and constantly evolving: porcelain stoneware , wood , natural stone , high quality ceramic .

There are several aspects to consider: hardness , durability , abrasion , porosity , impermeability , resistance to loads , atmospheric agents and temperature changes, mold and stains .

Never underestimate the ease of cleaning because often, with the need to find rough and non-slip surfaces, you find yourself in very complicated maintenance and cleaning operations.

The most popular material for outdoor flooring is porcelain stoneware which, due to its resistance, lends itself to outdoors , but today many other materials and even wood, always too much set aside , are being re-evaluated.

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