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Top Qualities of a Good Removal Company

Hiring a good removal company is the best decision when moving house. However, choosing a good removal company is crucial. Getting the right one ensures a stress-free and smoother transfer with all your belongings damage-free.

With this said, what are the top things to look for in a removal company to make them the best one?

Picking a good removal company for your move is not difficult if you:

Plan ahead

Planning for the moving process means taking some time to get the right schedule. The availability of the removal company might not coincide with your schedule if you book late. The busiest months for many removal companies are during the summer.

Avoid disappointments by doing an early booking. Scheduling your move on a weekend or choosing the less popular time and day of the week is a good way to get a booking.

Ensure that the removal company has a fixed address

Checking out the reputation of the removal company is the first step. And the best way to do this is to find out if they have a landline phone number and a business address.

A removal company having these qualities allows you to find and reach them at any time, especially when something goes wrong. A removal company that gives only a mobile number is a red flag.

A mobile phone and no permanent address mean that that the removal company can disappear without a moment’s notice. Worst case scenario: disappear with all your belongings and furniture during moving day!

Check out their accreditations

Checking out the accreditations of the removal company is the surest way to determine their trustworthiness. Reputable removal companies make sure that they are vetted and accredited by local and national industry organisations.

Get a written quote

A written quote is better than a verbal one. Getting several written quotations from potential removal companies is the best way to determine the expected costs. You can also compare their prices and find one suitable for your budget. However, it must be remembered that the cheapest quote may not be the best one.

Check their insurance coverage

The safe transport of your furniture and other belongings is the responsibility of your chosen removal company. A good removal company always offers comprehensive insurance coverage. Comprehensive insurance coverage ensures that all your belongings damaged during transit are covered. Peace of mind is gained knowing that your property is secure and safe with the removal company.

Read online testimonials and reviews

What previous customers have to say about the removal company is the best way to gauge their reputation. Good research includes reading online testimonials or reviews from customers. Doing so helps you to find out the levels of customer care and service provided by the company.

Personal reviews and recommendations from family, friends, co-workers, or neighbours are also a good way to get hold of a good removal company. The good research you do enable you to get the best removal company even on your first try.

A DIY move can get you stuck midway when you need to do everything all at once. Items can get damaged or lost when you need to make numerous trips from point A to B. Speak with the movers at Wollongong removal company to know more about us.

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